10 Great Christmas Gifts For Musicians: Need Ideas?

It seems that Christmas is creeping up on us again! That means it is time to think about Christmas gift ideas for musicians. If you have a musician on your list there just might be something here that can make your shopping a little easier. Of course these gifts are great for any occasion. I love receiving gifts that I can use. Especially those that are related to playing my instrument.

There are so many great things that can make a musician happy. It can be as simple as a new recording of there favorite musician. Whatever you choose, if its musical chances are it will be greatly appreciated. In order to help you save money I will be sure to stick to options that are relatively inexpensive. While musical instruments can be pricey gifts, many accessories are actually quite affordable.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Musicians

Many of the ideas presented below have been discussed in previous blogs. If you want to learn more about these items you can follow the links provided. Many of the links will take you to posts that give plenty of detail regarding how these items are beneficial to a musician. I have written them with non-musician in mind.

#1. Music Stand – Many musicians already have a music stand but it may need to be replaced. If you know the musician you are shopping for well you may already know how they feel about their music stand. Perhaps they have started traveling with their instrument but their music stand is big and bulky. Or maybe they have one of those cheap wire stands that continually fall over. If you sense they are not happy with their current stand they will be very surprised to receive a new one.

Click here to read more about the music stand. Including my recommendation.

#2. Tuner – The tuner really is a musicians best friend. While most musicians already have a tuner, especially if they play a stringed instrument, it is always fun to get a new one. I have had many tuner over the years and most of them have been gifts.

If your musician friend is a wind player they will also appreciate a new tuner. Musicians can greatly improve their intonation by practicing to tune those cranky notes with a tuner.

***Be sure to choose a tuner that is suitable for the instrument they play. There are tuners that are made for all instruments, as well as, tuners specifically made for the guitar and bass.

Click Here to read more about the Tuner. Including my favorite tuner for all instruments.

#3. Metronome – If your musician friend frequently performs in ensembles they will appreciate this small gift.  All serious musicians, especially those who are in private lessons, will practice with a metronome. They are considered to be a standard accessory for most musicians.

Click Here to read more about the metronome. If you know very little about what it is and its purpose, this is the post is for you.

#4. Recordings of their favorite musician – Most if not all musicians have a favorite musician or ensemble. Why not treat them to a new recording to enjoy. If you are not sure who they like you can always give them a gift card to iTunes or their favorite place to buy recordings.

Browse iTunes to send them a new recording as a gift.

#5. Stand Light – I never thought that I would need a stand light but since joining a stage band I have discovered that a stand light is extremely helpful. I also use mine to play piano. There is something soothing about the glow of the soft light. The stand light makes the music easy to see without taking away from the mood created by dim lighting.  Most of them are also battery operated so they are great in situations where power supply and overhead lighting is an issue.

Click here to see the wide variety of Stand Lights available on Amazon.

#6. Accessories – Everyone loves getting new accessories for there instrument. Each instrument has there own unique accessories. The list of accessories available is long so it would be best to find out what instrument your musician plays, what accessories they already have and then begin exploring. The best accessory I ever received for my trumpet was a trumpet stand. I can now safely put my instrument down when I need my hands for something else. I also love that I can leave my trumpet out of the case and not worry about it getting stepped on or knocked over.

  • Click here to see my list of accessories for a guitarist.
  • Click Here to see my list of must haves for the trumpet.
  • Click Here to see my list of accessories for drummers.

#7 Cleaning/Maintenance Supplies – Every instrument needs to be cleaned and maintained. many wind instruments require things such as valve oil, slide grease, cork grease and cleaning swabs. These are items that musicians need to purchase on a regular basis. They will be more then happy to see these types of items in their stocking and most of them will cost you less then 10 bucks.

#8. Sheet Music – All musicians love getting new music. Its one of my favorite gifts. when purchasing music it is wise to first find out the playing level of the musician. An advanced piano player will not get much enjoyment from beginner music. Take into consideration the type of music your musician friend likes to play or even listen too. There are some really great arrangements of popular music.

Check out this great Songbook packed full with great Christmas tunes. All Musicians will love it.

#9 – Gift Card to a local music store or online music retailer–  If all else fails and you just don’t know what to get, a gift card to the local music store or an online music retailer can be a winner. You are still getting them a gift for their instrument but they get to decide what they want/need. I love receiving gift cards. Click on the link to Musician’s Friend, a huge online music retailer, at the bottom of this article to see what they have to offer.

Gift Card

#10 Musical Decorations – Musician also love to display their passion for music. I have been given tons of decorations that I have placed in my music room. It is like giving a sports fan new memorabilia. These decorations do not have to brand new. I have collected some very unique antique decorations/trinkets. I just love my little piano that is actually a cigar holder, even if I don’t have any cigars do put in it (It holds guitar picks quite well).

There You have It!!!

Shopping for that special musician in your life does not need to be difficult or expensive. You just need to investigate what your friend needs/wants. If you are unsure even after you have purchased the gift, be sure to keep your receipt. The item can always be exchanged for something else. Regardless of what you choose the musician you are shopping for will be happy to know that you put the effort into trying to find them a useful gift.

Musician's Friend

If you can add to this list of Christmas gifts for musicians please leave a comment below. Perhaps you could share a story about the best musical gift that you have received or even the worst. As always I love questions so leave them too!


12 thoughts on “10 Great Christmas Gifts For Musicians: Need Ideas?

  1. Great list and good gift ideas. I remember getting a guitar cleaning/polish kit for my birthday! I’d also like to get a capo as a gift too for guitar players.

    1. A capo is a great little devise. Makes songs that are difficult easy even for the beginner. I have discussed the capo in my article about guitar accessories. You can check it out here if you wish.

      Thanks Andrew! The guitar polishing/cleaning kit is a great suggestion!

  2. Wow I loved reading this post! So many gift ideas that are applicable for me and my musician friends. A friend of mine in particular needs a guitar cleaning kit so bad lol. I will definitely look for these gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for reading! We often forget how many things are available that we can give our musician friends. I think I could benefit from a guitar cleaning kit myself. :)

  3. I am a music lover and I always appreciate a good post about music. These Christmas Gift Ideas are actually quite brilliant! What about drums as well? I am a big drum fan, and where would you recommend I could take a look at some drums?

    Thank you for this and looking forward to a reply.


    1. Hey Jason! Drums are awesome and for some reason they often get forgotten when talking about accessories. I’ve been caught. hehe You just gave me an idea for a future post. Thanks for that. I highly recommend Musician’s Friend for all your music needs They actually have a huge selection of percussion items. Click here if you would like to check them out.

      I also had a musician friend suggest getting a good set of headphones for my daughter when we got her a junior drum kit. They can jam with their favorite music.

  4. This is a great list that will come in handy for Christmas! My son just started with saxophone and this list will help me figure out some fun musical gifts for Christmas,

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thats Awesome! Don’t forget the reeds! Beginners can go through a lot of them. :) He will definitely need a music stand too. I am a stickler with those. There very important. Wishing him lots of luck with the Saxophone.

  5. A very helpful post – thanks for mentioning how important the music stands are! After being in many groups over the past few years I’ve learned that it’s often an overlooked piece of equipment that is really so important for practice and performance. I sure got a few good ideas for my fellow musician friends for Christmas – thanks!

    1. So happy you found some good ideas. I have been in many situations where the music stand was just horrible. I fought with a wire stand for years and finally spent the money on a good one. Boy am I glad I did. Now I have to take that stand to rehearsal every week so I am very happy to have a sturdy reliable stand. It’s something we tend to try and buy cheap, but we end spending more money in the long run.

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Really great ideas.
    I’m not a musician myself, but the effectiveness of the ideas you present is great.

    As a matter of fact, the post just gave me an idea for a metronome for a cousin of mine! :)

    1. I’m glad I gave you some ideas. Musicians are easier to shop for then people realize. I love getting musical stuff even if it is just decoration. We really like surrounding ourselves with our passions. You may want to impress your friend and learn a little more about the metronome. Check out my post on the metronome here.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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