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5 Famous Female Drummers: Instrumental Inspirations

Yup its Friday…..time for more inspiration.  Famous female drummers are in spotlight this week. I have made this weeks choice for two reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is to show that many women have made a career as a percussionist. As an educator I have noticed that not many young females will pick the drums as their first choice but those who are assigned to them fall in love almost immediately.

The second reason for choosing female drummers is to simply place them in the spotlight. We always hear about great drummers but quite often these great drummers are men. I have nothing against male drummers. They will get into the spotlight too but todays post will focus on female drummers.

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Musical Instruments for Toddlers: Encouraging Development Through Music

Todays post, a continuation from my previous post, will introduce different musical instruments for toddlers. As mentioned in the previous post providing musical experiences for your toddler can assist with their perceptual development, while also allowing them to become familiar with some of the basic elements of music. These elements included rhythm, melody, and pitch.

Baby playingThere have been many studies conducted that have shown many other benefits of providing musical experiences to toddlers. Perceptual development is just one area that is benefited. Readers of the previous post also mentioned the enjoyment it can bring to the parent and toddler. One reader even discussed fond memories of engaging in musical activities with their parents. These suggestions alone are proof that the choice to introduce music into your toddlers life is a good decision.

Todays post will cover the following topics

  • Choosing Musical Instruments for Toddlers
  • “Real” vs “Toy” Instruments
  • My Suggestions

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Music And Toddlers: A Pathway to Development

Most parents will discover that music and toddlers is a good combination. It is evident that all children respond to music at a very young age. Most parents will invest some money into providing their children with music in some way during their first 5 years. Although many of them have no idea that they are also providing their child with an avenue to improve their development.

Child playing,music and toddlers

Allowing your toddler to experiment with music and age appropriate musical instruments can foster an appreciation for music and a desire to play a musical instrument as they get older. More importantly, providing opportunities to explore music and musical instruments  provides your child with experiences that assists your toddler’s perceptual development, which is the second level of sensory development.  In today’s post I would like to discuss how providing your toddler with musical experiences allows them to not only understand the basic elements of music but also foster perceptual development.  The following ideas will be discussed:

  • What is Perceptual Development?
  • Perceptual Development and music
  • What are the basic elements of music that can be learned by toddlers?
  • Sample activities that can be employed to allow your toddler to experiment with these basic elements of music.
  • How these activities are connected to your toddlers perceptual development.

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Famous Flute Players: Instrumental Inspirations!

This week I am going to head in a different direction and take a look at some famous flute players. The flute is an absolutely beautiful instrument that can create a feeling of relaxation for the listener and performer, regardless of the genre of music being played. The flute is highly recognized as a orchestral and ensemble instrument, but is often forgotten as a solo instrument.

In my experience most young girls want to play the flute. I was one of those girls, although I was convinced to play the trumpet instead. I still love the flute and will play it whenever I can.

In many situations the flute is played by a female, however many men have and continue to become extraordinary flute players. The men highlighted in todays post are fantastic inspirations for any boy who has found himself playing the flute.


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Introducing The Instruments Of The Brass Family

The instruments of the brass family have a lot in common, but each one is also unique in one way or another. Todays post will introduce each instrument and give a brief description of how they are made. Prior to discussing each instrument I would like to give a little introduction to the brass family, focusing on the characteristics that brings them together. If you are unfamiliar with the brass family this is the post for you. The instruments of the brass family includes:

  • The Trumpet/Cornet
  • The Horn
  • The Trombone
  • The Baritone/Euphonium
  • The Tuba

Instruments of the brass family

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