About Me

_DSC0070aHello and Welcome to my website dedicated to musical instruments. My name is Melody and I would like to share my knowledge of musical instruments with others. I currently hold a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Music Education. I am also an active member of the music community in my area. I am currently a member  of a community band and a swing band where I play the trumpet. I also play the piano and guitar. In my spare time I like to experiment with other instruments. I am currently exploring the flute and clarinet.

As a music educator it is important to be able to make educated decisions regarding purchasing instruments for the classroom. My first experience with purchasing an instrument, prior to becoming an educator,  was the purchase of my first personal trumpet. It was overwhelming to discover how many different brands and models were available. I quickly realized it was important to keep the musician in mind when making a final decision. Since that initial purchase I have made many more purchases including a class set of ukuleles and recorders.

Why this Website……..

I have created this website to provide as much information as possible about the wide variety of musical instruments. Many of us know what they are but know little about how they are played. I would like give information that will help people decide what instrument they might want to try, the variety of pricing, the various manufacturers, and how to make a final decision regarding the purchase of a musical instrument. Please check back regularly for updated information.

It’s never too late to start learning so grab an instrument and start making music!



Founder Exploring Musical Instruments