Benefits of Drumming – The Power of the Hand Drum


In my previous post I discussed drum circles, providing a description and how they work. Today I would like take that discussion one step further and take a look at the benefits of drumming.  While many people who enjoy hand drumming often find themselves in a drum circle, playing a hand drum alone can also provide many of the same benefits. In this post I will explore the ways hand drumming can be beneficial to the mind, body, and community.

Drumming for the mind


Through extensive research and study it has been found that hand drumming has a direct effect on a persons mind. In my own experience I have found that while drumming I seem to forget all the things that may be creating negative thoughts. I have also discovered that my students tend to be more well behaved and focused when participating in class drumming activities or drum circles. Drumming has many effects on the mind. New studies are discovering these effects everyday.

Express and Release Emotions -Many individuals who participate in drum circles or drumming activities have indicated that they are able to release emotions while playing hand drums. Many negative emotions such as sadness, grief, and anger can be expressed and released by playing hand drums.  Releasing these emotions also removes the negative thoughts. leaving room to create a more positive thought process. On the contrary, drumming also allows participants to express positive feelings such as happiness. Hand drumming allows immediate expression thus providing a perfect avenue for self expression.

Builds Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem – Whether a person is playing alone or in a drum circle their abilities on the hand drum improve over time. As these abilities improve they become more willing to accept a leading role. For example, an individual joining a drum circle for the first time may choose to drum in the background focusing on keeping the beat. As they become more familiar with the drum they will begin to explore various rhythms and eventually solo within the group. As these abilities improve their self confidence and self esteem also improves. For many participants this new found self-confidence and self esteem can spill into other aspects of their daily life.

Provides Relaxation – Many people will emphasis on the relaxation provided when playing hand drums. This aspect is directly related to the release of negative emotions. When the body releases negative emotions such as sadness, fear and anger it begins to relax as tension and stress is greatly decreased by this emotional release. The soothing sound and steady beat also promotes relaxation. Individuals become focused on the act of drumming, forgetting about daily stress.

Drumming for the Body


Researchers have also found that drumming has a wide array of benefits for the human body. These are just a few of those benefits.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Studies have shown that stress is a leading cause of high blood pressure. By releasing negative emotions and thoughts the stress created by these emotions and thoughts is greatly decreased. This decrease in stress can assist in lowering blood pressure.

Control Chronic Pain – individuals who suffer from chronic pain have indicated that playing hand drums can help them temporary forget pain. Hand drumming provides a distraction from pain.

Boosts the Immune System – Research has shown that drumming can help boost the immune system. Boosting the immune system helps the body to fight a wide variety of illness’s and diseases.

Drumming for the Community


Drumming and drum circles provides many benefits for the community.

Brings the community together – By providing opportunities to participate in drum circles and other drumming activities a community can bring its residents together. This can promote citizenship and a sense of pride. It also allows community members to work together as a team.

Promotes Socialization and communication –  Providing drum circles and drumming activities within a community provides a way for residents to come together and socialize with one another. It also encourages people to communicate with each other both verbally and non-verbally.

The Research Continues

There has been extensive studies regarding the benefits of hand drumming. Thus, the list of benefits is steadily growing. The benefits mentioned above are only a small selection. There are many websites dedicated to promoting hand drumming and outlining the many health benefits experienced by participating in hand drumming activities and drum circles.

The exploration and experimentation of the effects of hand drumming on the human mind and human body will continue. Many medical institutions incorporate hand drumming as an activity to assist patients with there recoveries and pain management. Therapist also use drumming to assist patients with severe depression and anxiety disorders.

The benefits mention above, as well as, the many other benefits discovered through research provides plenty of proof that hand drumming and drum circles is an extremely valuable activity for all individuals. If you have experienced the benefits of hand drumming I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment regarding your experience or if you have anything to add to the list above. I encourage everyone to consider participating in a drum circle or hand drumming. The benefits of drumming are worth the effort.



11 thoughts on “Benefits of Drumming – The Power of the Hand Drum

  1. Hi there
    oh I love the topic of this post! As a person who follows the practices of the Native American way of life, I love drumming. It might not be hand drumming but the rhythmic aspect of the music is sooo soothing. The heartbeat of the drum. I just feel so connected to everything around me when I am around drumming. I also need to do it more myself. But to me, it is very relaxing and it just releases all negative energies.

    1. Thanks for your comment Emily! rhythm is all around us. I enjoy listening to my surroundings to find the various rhythms present. Even our bodies depend on our heartbeat as a steady rhythm. It sure is soothing. Anything that helps release negative energies has to be good.

  2. Nice post! Actually one of my friends here in Japan goes to Tokyo every weekend to join in a drumming circle. She says it is a blast. And to tell you the truth since she started up the hobby she seems a lot more pleasant, happy with life and healthy. I think music, community and positive outlook really makes life great! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! The beauty of music is we don’t have to be professionals to enjoy it. Music really is for everyone to explore. You will have to grab a drum and join your friend. It really is a blast.

  3. Hey Melody!

    Thanks for the post on Drums.
    The beat totally adds an awesome element into a music sesh.
    Many of my friends are using boxes these days. They are pretty cool, and the seat itself is the instrument.

    1. Your very welcome! Anything can be a musical instrument if you use your imagination. And You just game another idea to add to my list for posts. Thanks! Sound is all around us!

  4. Hello, Melody. You have really done your homework on Drumming and your information is very important. I will add something, anyone that plays an instrument will tell you it’s the music that is relaxing. all the stress of the world disappears!

    1. Thats why music is so great! Many medical professionals now use music to help their patients. Whether its chronic pain or mental disorders. The power of music is all around us. Why not fill your life with something that is so relaxing. Thank you for your comment Peggy!

    1. You need to try. Hitting the drum is so exhilarating! I haven’t met a person yet who didn’t enjoy it and no musical training is required. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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