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A pTrumpet Review: Plastic Brass Instruments Revisited!

I’m finally ready to share my pTrumpet review. In a previous post I introduced plastic brass instruments. More specifically I discuss the pTrumpet and pBone. At that time I had already tried the pBone but was patiently awaiting my chance to get my hands on a pTrumpet.

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The pTrumpet
My Daughters first time holding her pTrumpet on Christmas morning (She hasn’t even finished opening her gift yet).

I am happy to say that my daughter is now the new owner of a green pTrumpet. While the sounds that currently come from its bell are not always that entertaining, I can say that we are extremely pleased with our newest addition to our musical instrument collection. It has an extraordinary sound and plays with ease. I have been a trumpet player for over 15 years so I can say that I have played a lot of bad instruments. The pTrumpet is certainly not one of them.

In today’s post I would like to share my thoughts regarding the pTrumpet. I will begin with a little background as to why we decided to get a pTrumpet followed by the answers to the most common questions that I have been asked about this instrument by fellow musicians.

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Musical Instruments for Toddlers: Encouraging Development Through Music

Todays post, a continuation from my previous post, will introduce different musical instruments for toddlers. As mentioned in the previous post providing musical experiences for your toddler can assist with their perceptual development, while also allowing them to become familiar with some of the basic elements of music. These elements included rhythm, melody, and pitch.

Baby playingThere have been many studies conducted that have shown many other benefits of providing musical experiences to toddlers. Perceptual development is just one area that is benefited. Readers of the previous post also mentioned the enjoyment it can bring to the parent and toddler. One reader even discussed fond memories of engaging in musical activities with their parents. These suggestions alone are proof that the choice to introduce music into your toddlers life is a good decision.

Todays post will cover the following topics

  • Choosing Musical Instruments for Toddlers
  • “Real” vs “Toy” Instruments
  • My Suggestions

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Plastic Brass Instruments! What?

Yup! You read that right. I have discovered that Plastic Brass Instruments really do exist. Before talking about these new found Plastic Brass Instruments I would like to let you know why I made this discovery.

A little Story

Approximately 2 years ago  my daughter at 2 years old began to show interest in trying toplastic brass instruments make sound on my trumpet. Thinking that she would not be able to make a sound I passed her my mouth piece and let her try. Well this Mama was blown away. She started to buzz almost immediately and could even make a little sound on the trumpet with me holding it. Mama had a mission. I needed to find a trumpet that was light enough for a toddler or young child. It also needed to be cheap. We all know that little ones are not the most careful souls when it comes to delicate objects such as musical instruments.

The Mission – My initial thought was to look for a cheap second hand cornet, which are a little bit smaller then a trumpet. I also sent a few messages to friends who I thought might have some insight. At this point I had no idea that plastic brass instruments even existed.

The Answer – It was not long before I got a response from a friend informing me that there was a plastic trombone on the market, known as a pBone. She also informed me that they were in the process of creating a plastic trumpet. Could that be what I wanted?

Since this initial discovery I decided to wait to see if they would indeed manufacture a plastic trumpet. I have also had the opportunity to play a pBone and was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Well today, while searching for Christmas gifts, I discovered the  pTrumpet. It has been placed at the top of the Christmas list. Now I wonder who will enjoy it more.

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The Best Djembe Drums – Finding Peace Through Drumming

If you have read my most recent posts regarding drum circles and the benefits of hand drumming then you may be wondering where to find your own drum. In today’s post I would like to look at 3 of the best djembe drums available.However, before doing that we should learn a little about the drum itself.

If you have not read these articles  and would like to learn more you can check them out now by following the links.

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3 Piece Junior Drum Set

If you have a little one who loves to bang on things you might just have a future percussionist! What better way to foster those desires then providing them with a 3 piece junior drum set.  A junior drum set is much smaller then a typical drum set. They are designed with small children in mind. Although they are designed for children they are still a real instrument, unlike the plastic drum sets you may find in a toy store. A big plus to purchasing real instruments for small children is that you can teach them instrument care and respect at a very young age.

I purchased a junior drum set for my little girl last Christmas. It has provided hours of enjoyment and she has begun to really develop an understanding of beat and rhythm.  In the following review I will discuss  the Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch, 3 piece junior drum set. I will provide a product overview, as well as, what other customers have said about it. This Beginners drum set comes with all of the essential components for a beginner.

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