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All the posts in this category feature instrumentalists who have inspired and influenced other musicians. All these musicians have made significant contributions to the world of music.

Why Do We Need Inspiration? Instrumental Inspirations

Why do we need inspiration? It occurred to me that I have talked about all these great musicians and how inspiring they are but never ever really discussed why musicians need inspiration. There are many questions that can be asked when we think about inspiration. Many of these questions are asked by young beginning instrumentalists but even adults can have a hard time comprehending what a inspiration is and if they need one. Inspiration is an important part of every aspect of our life, but for music it can help us in many ways to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

In todays post I would like to look into inspiration by discussing the following:

  • What Is Inspiration?
  • Who Needs Inspiration?
  • Why Do We Need Inspiration?
  • What Makes An Inspirational Musician?
  • How To Find Your Inspiration?
  • Who Are My Inspirations?

What Is Inspiration?

inspiration 1

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Famous Jazz Saxophone Players of the Past: Instrumental Inspirations

Yet another Friday and another return to jazz. This weeks post is diving into the saxophone world by looking at some famous jazz saxophone players. Simply to help narrow the topic down a bit I have chosen to only look at saxophone players who have already passed away but still have a lasting effect on the world of jazz and playing the saxophone. Since I have only choose to cover 3 saxophone players in this post, it is clear that I will be revisiting the saxophone and the fantastic people who have been able to make successful music careers playing it.

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5 Famous Female Drummers: Instrumental Inspirations

Yup its Friday…..time for more inspiration.  Famous female drummers are in spotlight this week. I have made this weeks choice for two reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is to show that many women have made a career as a percussionist. As an educator I have noticed that not many young females will pick the drums as their first choice but those who are assigned to them fall in love almost immediately.

The second reason for choosing female drummers is to simply place them in the spotlight. We always hear about great drummers but quite often these great drummers are men. I have nothing against male drummers. They will get into the spotlight too but todays post will focus on female drummers.

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Famous Flute Players: Instrumental Inspirations!

This week I am going to head in a different direction and take a look at some famous flute players. The flute is an absolutely beautiful instrument that can create a feeling of relaxation for the listener and performer, regardless of the genre of music being played. The flute is highly recognized as a orchestral and ensemble instrument, but is often forgotten as a solo instrument.

In my experience most young girls want to play the flute. I was one of those girls, although I was convinced to play the trumpet instead. I still love the flute and will play it whenever I can.

In many situations the flute is played by a female, however many men have and continue to become extraordinary flute players. The men highlighted in todays post are fantastic inspirations for any boy who has found himself playing the flute.


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Instrumental Inspirations: Best Rock Guitarists Of All Time

FRIDAY!!!! This week we are going to discover some of the best rock guitarists of all time. Many young guitarists get their inspiration from other guitarists who have in one way or another changed the way the world looked at the guitar. Thousands of guitar players have found their way to stardom over the years and many of them left a legacy that will be remembered for many years to come.

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