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Buying A Used Musical Instrument – Easing Those Thoughts Of Uncertainty!

Does the idea of buying a used musical instrument make you cringe? Perhaps you are not accustom to purchasing used items. Most of us prefer to buy brand new but in the world of musical instruments this is not always possible. Musical instruments can come with some hefty price tags. I have been a musician for over 15 years and can honestly say that I have purchased more used instruments then new. It is not like shopping at the nearest thrift store or yard sale.

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How To Buy A Musical Instrument: A Beginners Guide

If you have found yourself in a situation where you have to a buy a musical instrument then you are in the right place! Today’s post will cover various points regarding how to buy a musical instrument. 

You may be thinking that everyone knows how to buy something. Its pretty simple right?

Well actually it’s not. As consumers we ask ourselves questions each and every time we buy something. For example, I spent over ten minutes looking at toilet paper the other day, just trying to decide which deal was the best. During those ten minutes I compared prices, how many sheets each roll had, how many rolls in each package, etc. But we are not buying toilet paper so lets get back to the purchase in question.

Purchasing a musical instrument is no different! 

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Where To Buy Musical Instruments – Covering All Your Bases!

Buying a new musical instrument can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. The first thing you should know is where to buy musical instruments.  There is a huge selection of musical instrument on the market today, ranging from high quality to mass produced low quality instruments. When purchasing your first instrument it is important to know what you are looking for and where you are going to find it. Quite often many retailers sell the same instruments but with a considerable price difference. Knowing the places to go will help you find the instrument that suits your needs and meets the budget you have set.

Remember a musical instrument  is a significant purchase and should not be taken lightly.

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Instruments of Rock and Roll!

instruments of rock and rollSince the beginnings of Rock and Roll people have been drawn to the beat and the sound it creates. There is always a lot of emphasis placed on the vocalist and their abilities. But what about the instruments of rock of roll? Without them Rock and Roll would be a totally different genre. The sound would be completely different. Take a moment and think about it. Choose your favorite rock and Roll song and remove the instruments.

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Plastic Brass Instruments! What?

Yup! You read that right. I have discovered that Plastic Brass Instruments really do exist. Before talking about these new found Plastic Brass Instruments I would like to let you know why I made this discovery.

A little Story

Approximately 2 years ago  my daughter at 2 years old began to show interest in trying toplastic brass instruments make sound on my trumpet. Thinking that she would not be able to make a sound I passed her my mouth piece and let her try. Well this Mama was blown away. She started to buzz almost immediately and could even make a little sound on the trumpet with me holding it. Mama had a mission. I needed to find a trumpet that was light enough for a toddler or young child. It also needed to be cheap. We all know that little ones are not the most careful souls when it comes to delicate objects such as musical instruments.

The Mission – My initial thought was to look for a cheap second hand cornet, which are a little bit smaller then a trumpet. I also sent a few messages to friends who I thought might have some insight. At this point I had no idea that plastic brass instruments even existed.

The Answer – It was not long before I got a response from a friend informing me that there was a plastic trombone on the market, known as a pBone. She also informed me that they were in the process of creating a plastic trumpet. Could that be what I wanted?

Since this initial discovery I decided to wait to see if they would indeed manufacture a plastic trumpet. I have also had the opportunity to play a pBone and was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Well today, while searching for Christmas gifts, I discovered the  pTrumpet. It has been placed at the top of the Christmas list. Now I wonder who will enjoy it more.

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