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Creating Music with Children’s Musical Toys and Instruments

In many previous posts I have talked about children’s musical toys and instruments, emphasizing on how important it is to provide musical experiences for children of all ages. I have talked a lot about how they can be used to teach children about the elements of music but I have never really touched on creating actual music with them.

while checking out the news surrounding musical instruments this morning I came across a video of Adele singing her new Ballade “Hello” using only children’s musical instruments and toys as the accompaniment. The accompaniment is provided by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. The Video is recorded in Jimmy Fallons music room backstage.

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5 Reasons For Not Playing A Musical Instrument: BUSTED!!

Thus far I have discussed many reasons for playing a musical instrument. However, there are many barriers that people create when deciding whether to learn to play an instrument or to simply walk away. Today I would like to address the top 5 reasons I hear people give for not learning to play a musical instrument. First of all I will admit that I truly believe all of the these reasons along with many more are not legit. They are EXCUSES!

If you have found yourself saying I can’t learn to play an musical instrument because………..then this post is for you!

playing a musical instrument

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Melody’s Journey! The Benefits of Being a Musician!

Benefits of being a musician

The Benefits of being a musician differs from person to person. While many of us will emphasize on similar benefits, every musician has their own journey. Today I would like to focus on my journey as a musician and discuss the benefits that have pushed me to keep doing what I love.

I would like to tackle these benefits by dividing them into the following categories.

  • Personal benefits – How I have grown and developed as a person
  • Social Benefits – What being a musician means to my social life
  • Income Benefits – How I have generated a little extra cash from performing

Before discussing these benefits I would like to once again emphasize that some of these benefits are different for every individual. Each musician will speak of these benefits with regards to their journey and how it has affected their lives.

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Plastic Brass Instruments! What?

Yup! You read that right. I have discovered that Plastic Brass Instruments really do exist. Before talking about these new found Plastic Brass Instruments I would like to let you know why I made this discovery.

A little Story

Approximately 2 years ago  my daughter at 2 years old began to show interest in trying toplastic brass instruments make sound on my trumpet. Thinking that she would not be able to make a sound I passed her my mouth piece and let her try. Well this Mama was blown away. She started to buzz almost immediately and could even make a little sound on the trumpet with me holding it. Mama had a mission. I needed to find a trumpet that was light enough for a toddler or young child. It also needed to be cheap. We all know that little ones are not the most careful souls when it comes to delicate objects such as musical instruments.

The Mission – My initial thought was to look for a cheap second hand cornet, which are a little bit smaller then a trumpet. I also sent a few messages to friends who I thought might have some insight. At this point I had no idea that plastic brass instruments even existed.

The Answer – It was not long before I got a response from a friend informing me that there was a plastic trombone on the market, known as a pBone. She also informed me that they were in the process of creating a plastic trumpet. Could that be what I wanted?

Since this initial discovery I decided to wait to see if they would indeed manufacture a plastic trumpet. I have also had the opportunity to play a pBone and was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Well today, while searching for Christmas gifts, I discovered the  pTrumpet. It has been placed at the top of the Christmas list. Now I wonder who will enjoy it more.

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Benefits of Drumming – The Power of the Hand Drum


In my previous post I discussed drum circles, providing a description and how they work. Today I would like take that discussion one step further and take a look at the benefits of drumming.  While many people who enjoy hand drumming often find themselves in a drum circle, playing a hand drum alone can also provide many of the same benefits. In this post I will explore the ways hand drumming can be beneficial to the mind, body, and community.

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