Gifts For A Saxophone Player: 5 Great Options

If you ever had to buy gifts for a saxophone player or have a saxophone player in your life then this post might have just the thing you are looking for. All musicians love to get goodies for their instrument and sax players are no different. For many musicians receiving a specialized gift for their instrument shows that their friends and family really are paying attention.


There are literally hundreds of accessories for instruments on the market today but only a few are true must haves for all musicians. In todays post I would like to share 5 great options for the saxophone player in your life. Please be sure to read this post closely as you will need to have some extra information before purchasing some of these choices.

What You Need To know About

Before making a purchase of any kind you should definitely gather some information about the saxophone player you are buying for. Below is two important questions you should ask yourself and answer before making a purchase .

What Accessories Do They Have?

It is extremely helpful to find out what accessories they already possess before making any kind of purchase. If the saxophonist has been playing for a long time they may already have all the obvious accessories. But if they are a beginner then it is possible that they have not discovered or purchased all the goodies available. It may be necessary to do a little snooping or at least pay attention when they play their saxophone to see what they already have.

Which Saxophone do they Play?

Another important factor to consider when buying a gift for a saxophone player is the type of saxophone they play. While some saxophone accessories are suitable for all sax players, many accessories are made for specific saxophones. For example, if the saxophonist plays a Baritone Saxophone, a box of alto sax reeds will be of no benefit to them.

Gifts For A Saxophone Player: The 5 Options Revealed

Neck Strap

Saxophone Neck StrapThe Neck strap is an extremely important accessory for all saxophone players. The primary purpose of the neck strap is to hold the saxophone in place at all times. Because of the way the saxophone is played it is important that the weight of the saxophone is removed from the hands so that the player can focus on their finger placement, rather then holding the saxophone. Having a good neck strap can help a player in many ways including promoting proper posture and hand placement.

When purchasing a neck strap there are few things one should consider. These include:

  • Is it adjustable and sturdy? – It is important for the neck strap to be adjustable. Obviously like the saxophone itself, saxophone players come in many different sizes. The strap will need to be adjusted in order for the saxophone to be in the proper position. Once the player has found that sweet spot the neck strap needs to be sturdy enough to stay there. It can get quite annoying if you have to adjust your neck strap all the time because it keeps slipping.
  • What kind of Hook Does it Have? – The neck strap is attached to the saxophone with a hook. This hook also needs to be sturdy. It is extremely important that the hook will remain in place at all times. Many professionals suggest that the neck strap hook should be a sturdy plastic rather then metal. Harder metal can wear through the brass loop that the neck strap attaches to over time.
  • Does it Have Padding? – Another important feature of the neck strap is the padding around the neck. Since the neck strap will be taking the weight of the saxophone, it is helpful to know that the strap will not chafe the players neck. A neck strap that chafes the neck can get pretty uncomfortable.
  • What type of Saxophone is it for? – Some neck straps are made for specific types of saxophones. If the saxophone player you are buying for plays a tenor sax, make sure the strap is also compatible with the tenor sax.

Click on the photo below to see the large variety of saxophone neck straps available.

Reed Case

A reed case is also a great accessory that all saxophone players will appreciate. The reed is attached directly to the mouthpiece. It is required for the saxophone to make sound, thus every saxophone player has reeds that need to be protected. Sax players, as well as, other woodwind players can become attached to particular reeds. They will want to protect these reeds at all costs. One little chip or crack and the reed is toast. A good friend of mine always has several reeds on hand that he has tested and saved for specific occasions, such as performance and practice.

Before purchasing a reed case be sure to note the type of saxophone the player plays. As the saxophone gets bigger so does the reed. A Baritone Sax reed may not fit in a case made specifically for Alto Saxophone reeds.

Click on the photo below to see the variety of reed cases available!

Single Reed
Alto and Tenor Sax Reeds

If you know the saxophone player really well and get your hands on a box of reeds they have purchased in the past you can surprise them with a new box of reeds. A box of reeds will never go astray as they do have to be replaced over time.

I do strongly advice that you get specific information about the reeds the sax player uses before purchasing including:

  • Brand – There are many brands on the market. You will want to ensure the brand is liked by the player. While one player may love Rico reeds, another player may not share the same love so be careful.
  • Reed Hardness – When buying reeds for someone else it is crucial you know the reed hardness they require. The harder the reed, the more the resistance. A beginner will play on a much softer reed then an advanced player so you really need to be cautious when purchasing.
  • Type of Saxophone – As mentioned above the bigger the saxophone the bigger the reed. An alto sax reed is useless to a tenor sax player.

***If you are missing any of the information above I would advise against buying reeds. You may find yourself heading back to the music store for a return or exchange. If you buy the reeds loose you may be stuck with it as reeds are very personal. Using someone else’s reed is considered by most players to be disgusting. It is almost impossible to determine if a loose reed has been used so its is highly unlikely that it can be returned. ***

Just click on the photo below to find the right reeds for the saxophone player in your life.

Saxophone Stand
Saxophone Stand
Photo Courtesy of: By Fred Jala from Seattle, Washington, USA – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Another accessory that most Saxophone players will appreciate is a saxophone stand. A saxophone stand allows the saxophonist to safely lay their saxophone down during a performance, rehearsal, or individual practice. While it is not a necessary accessory to have it is nice to be able to know your saxophone is safe while you head to the rest room or grab your pencil to make a few notes on the music. The Saxophone stand can also be great for those players who like to display there instruments. Who wouldn’t want to show off such a beautiful instrument. Before purchasing a stand be sure to know which saxophone the player plays(Sounding like a broken record but oh so important).

Click on the photo below to find a quality saxophone Stand.

Cleaning Kit

Last but certainly not least is a cleaning kit. All saxophone players should have all the necessary accessories to maintain their saxophone inside and out. Even if the player already has one, they may just appreciate a new clean kit.

Click on the photo below to find a large selection of cleaning kits and cleaning tools for the saxophone.


5 Great Gifts For A Saxophone Player: Last Minute Advise

Now you know what to get for that special saxophone player in your life. As mentioned above please do make sure you know which saxophone they play and what they already have before making a purchase. I also encourage you to always save the receipt and include it with your gift. The saxophone player may have something else in mind. With the receipt it is easy to exchange.

If you are hesitant to make a purchase that is specifically for the saxophone you may want to buy something that all musicians will enjoy. Please visit my article, 10 Great Christmas Gifts For Musicians: Need Ideas?, to find even more great gift ideas for any occasion.

Still have Questions? Well that’s ok too. Leave them in the comment section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are a saxophone player with ideas of your own please feel free to leave them as well.



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