Musical Instruments For Young Children – Why?

kids xylophoneOver the past 4 years I have watched my daughter experiment with many different toys ranging from baby dolls to toy cars but I have noticed that her favorite toys are the ones that she can make music with. I will admit that she has been surrounded by music and musical instruments her entire life but she has never been forced to play with musical toys or instruments. Because of this fascination I began building her instrumental toy collection. I have spent many hours researching musical instruments for young children. At the moment she owns 2 toy pianos, several shakers, a toy guitar, her own trumpet mouthpiece and a junior drum kit( even Mommy enjoys that one). There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t tinker with one of these toys. As a music educator and mother I know that these toys provide far more then simply entertainment. Although the entertainment factor is a very good reason to purchase musical instruments for young children. In this post I would like to explore the many benefits of musical instruments for young children. After all there are thousands of manufacturers creating musical instruments specifically for young children.

Promotes Exploration and Experimentation

Anyone who has spent time with little children will have discovered that they all love to Child playing recorderexplore the environment around them. For a young child their environment presents many things to explore. Sound is something that fascinates many children.  After all beating on the pots and pans seems to be an activity that all children will enjoy at some point in there toddler years and perhaps even beyond. Musical instruments presents another medium for exploration. Children can experiment with loud and soft or high and low. They press different keys on a piano to here the differences between the high notes and the low notes. They may even press several at once just to here what it sounds like. This is there first introduction to dissonance, although they have no idea what that means. They may hit a drum really hard and  then really soft to discover the harder they hit the drum the louder the sound and vice versa. Exploration and experimentation with instruments provides children with an opportunity to practice many skills.

Improve Motor Skills

While playing with musical instruments and musical instrument toys young children will Junior drum setbegin to explore the ways to hold them. Some parents, like myself, may even encourage them to hold them correctly from the very beginning. I only choose to do this because I want to correct mistakes early just in case she decides to learn how to play these instruments in the future. Junior drum sets, for example, allows the child to use their feet on the bass drum foot pedal while hitting the other drums with the sticks. Small pianos can teach them how to use each finger individually when pressing the keys. Any musical instrument will help improve motor skills in some way.

Encourages Movement and Self Expression

Many musical toys and musical instruments offer a function that allows children to listen to demos or prerecorded sounds. I know my child gets great enjoyment out of pressing the presets on her little keyboard and dancing around to them. Any type of movement is great for young children. This movement also allows the child to express themselves. These movements foster creativity and provides an emotional and energetic outlet. Most parents will agree that a child needs a way to release energy and emotions.

Stimulates the Brain

Playing with musical instruments or musical instrument toys stimulates the brain. Today’s generation of children spend way too much time in front of a television which does not stimulate children in the same way as free play. While playing with musical toys and instruments many of a child’s senses are stimulated. There sense of touch and hearing are stimulated and improved each and every time they play with musical toys and instruments.


PianoPerhaps one of the simplest benefits of providing children with musical instruments and toys is entertainment. It is a known fact that children love to play. I am firm believer in allowing children to learn through free play. Many children will find the different sounds made with musical toys and instruments extremely entertaining. These toys also provide entertainment for adults, as they enjoy watching their children experiment and explore musical instruments.

Final Thoughts

The above benefits emphasize the importance of providing musical instruments and musical toys to young children. While not all children will become professional musicians or even take music lessons in their childhood years they have at least had the opportunity to explore what playing a musical instrument has to offer. Music plays a huge role in many cultures, thus having the option to choose music as a career path should be provided early in a child’s development. I know from experience the benefits of providing musical exploration to children. As long as my daughter continues to show interest in music and playing musical instruments I will provide as many opportunities as possible for her to experience music through musical instruments and musical toys. If you have any benefits to add to this list, or questions concerning musical instruments for young children please feel free to leave me comment.

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9 thoughts on “Musical Instruments For Young Children – Why?

    1. Hello Chase! I am glad my article made it to you. Musical toys are fantastic. A new baby will definitely enjoy some shakers or a little piano to bang on where she starts using her little hands. My little one loved sitting at the piano with Mommy. Of course she still does! You won’t regret picking up a musical toy. Congratulation! Enjoy your baby girl! They grow so fast.

  1. Great and interesting post! I have also heard that kids that learn and are involved in playing music tend to pick up other subjects in school more quickly and have better concentration skills. I am not really sure the mechanics that go into that but I’m sure it has to do with brain stimulation. I would do the same as you if I had kids of my own as I think it’s a very important part of early childhood development. Whether they stick with it as they grow older or not, it’s important that they have that option available. :)

    1. Thank You Ali! There has been extensive studies on how music can help children excel in other subjects. It has to do with a number factors. I have touched on a few of those factors in a earlier post regarding the importance of music education for children. It is an option that all children should have. After all, look at the number of people making a living because of there love for music.

  2. Hi, thanks for your sharing.
    I do enjoy playing music and learn to play a new instrument.
    I think that learn a musical instrument is very creative task and it also give them a way to express themselves and express their emotions. It is good for their health and emotional health. I do think that the benefits of learn a musical instruments is not only for children. It is good for children as well as adults and elder people.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ray! You are very right music is very beneficial for everyone, not only children. If you check out my earlier posts I do discuss the benefits of music for adults as well. Music certainly does not have an age limit.

  3. Great article. I agree with you that children should be encouraged to play with musical instrument. I also agree that playing with musical instruments will improve their creative skills, their motor skills, eye to hand coordination and their listening skills. My two young daughters are currently learning to play the piano. It is a bit of a challenge to get them to practice each day but they are becoming better and better at playing it each day and so the effort I spend to keep them at it is certainly paying off.

    1. Thanks Sheni! It’s so great to see children excel at something. Wishing you luck with getting them to practice and all the best to your daughters! Playing the piano is so relaxing and rewarding.

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