Plastic Brass Instruments! What?

Yup! You read that right. I have discovered that Plastic Brass Instruments really do exist. Before talking about these new found Plastic Brass Instruments I would like to let you know why I made this discovery.

A little Story

Approximately 2 years ago  my daughter at 2 years old began to show interest in trying toplastic brass instruments make sound on my trumpet. Thinking that she would not be able to make a sound I passed her my mouth piece and let her try. Well this Mama was blown away. She started to buzz almost immediately and could even make a little sound on the trumpet with me holding it. Mama had a mission. I needed to find a trumpet that was light enough for a toddler or young child. It also needed to be cheap. We all know that little ones are not the most careful souls when it comes to delicate objects such as musical instruments.

The Mission – My initial thought was to look for a cheap second hand cornet, which are a little bit smaller then a trumpet. I also sent a few messages to friends who I thought might have some insight. At this point I had no idea that plastic brass instruments even existed.

The Answer – It was not long before I got a response from a friend informing me that there was a plastic trombone on the market, known as a pBone. She also informed me that they were in the process of creating a plastic trumpet. Could that be what I wanted?

Since this initial discovery I decided to wait to see if they would indeed manufacture a plastic trumpet. I have also had the opportunity to play a pBone and was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Well today, while searching for Christmas gifts, I discovered the  pTrumpet. It has been placed at the top of the Christmas list. Now I wonder who will enjoy it more.

So What is A pBone and pTrumpet?

The pBone and pTrumpet are both plastic instruments. In fact, they are the first ever all plastic trombones and trumpets in the world. These instruments were developed in the United Kingdom are distributed by Conn and Selmer. They were initially designed for the general music classroom to teach students about embouchure, intonation and pitch. But clearly they have gone way beyond the classroom as the worlds first all plastic musical instruments.

If you don’t believe that a plastic instrument can sound great check out these videos!

The pBone in action!

The pTrumpet in Action


The Perks of Plastic

These plastic instruments are a great edition to any musicians collection. I can think of several reasons why one would want to purchase a pBone or pTrumpet. Here are some of my reasons.

Very light – These instruments are extremely light. The pBone weighs 800g and the pTrumpet weighs only 500g.

Durable – Plastic does not dent as easily. They also do not require the same maintenance as a metal instrument. They do not need valve oil or slide grease.

Sound – After playing a pBone I can honestly say that they have a great sound. A musician can be very happy with the quality of the sound produced by these instruments.

Kid Friendly – This has to be the biggest perk for me. They are great for kids because of their light weight and durability. They also provide a great way for children  to learn how to care for an instrument. Kids will definitely like the fact that you can choose from several  different colors. If you would like to read more about the importance of musical instruments for childrens you can check out my article entittled “Musical Instruments for Young Children – Why?”

Try out the pBone and pTrumpet

If you would like to try out these new revolutionary instruments, the best thing to do is to just get one. Luckily these fabulous instruments can be purchased online for a decent price. The bonus of plastic is it is inexpensive  when compared to metal and lighter for shipping.

Where I  found the pTrumpet 

plastic brass instruments

Product: pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet

Price: $161.10 (

About the pTrumpet: The pTrumpet is the first plastic trumpet to have a completely plastic valve system.It is pitched in b flat.  It come with two plastic mouthpieces (3c and 5c) but you can also use a metal mouthpiece when playing this instrument. All tuning slides are very flexible  allowing for the same tuning you would expect from any trumpet. It is ideal for a young beginner as it is very sturdy and light.

To find out more and purchase the pTrumpet simply click here.

Where I found the pBone

Plastic brass instruments


Product: pBone Jiggs Plastic Trombone

Price: $159.00 (

About the pBone: The pBone is a plastic trombone with a fiberglass slide. It is remarkably light weighing only 1.8 lbs. It includes a plastic mouthpiece (but metal can be used), a gig bag and is available in a variety of colors.

To find out more about the pBone simply click here.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely excited about these plastic brass instruments. They are light, durable and have a remarkable sound. Clearly they won’t have the exact same sound quality as a more expensive horn but they measure up quite well. While they are a fantastic addition to any brass players collection, they are super for beginners and young children. They provide peace of mind with regards to careful handling as they can sustain bumps without denting. Their availability in a variety of colors makes it easy to choose one that suits your taste and personality.  Whether you are interested in buying or just interested in learning more I strongly suggest doing some research on these revolutionary instruments. You will be blown away by this extraordinary invention.

I would not be recommending the pBone or pTrumpet if I had not had the opportunity to play one myself. It was the first time I could comfortably hold and play a trombone. I will most definitely be purchasing one of these for my daughter as a Christmas gift this year. Please stay tuned as I will provide an update regarding our purchase.

If you have any questions, concerns or experience with these instruments please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Music Making to All!


57 thoughts on “Plastic Brass Instruments! What?

    1. Your very welcome! Had I not discovered them through a friend and had the opportunity to play a pBone, I would never really have looked into them either. I certainly wouldn’t recommend a plastic instrument if the quality was poor or the experience wasn’t authentic to the instrument. I truly hope that many folks can benefit from them.

  1. I think these would be great for kids and to have in music classes across the nation, so that less money is spent on actual brass instruments..

    However, I enjoy the look and sound of the brass instruments more if I am going to see an orchestra or show that involves them.

    It looks more professional and I like to keep it classy. These would be perfect for kids though, no offence to kids but I was once one too and as a little one you don’t take care of many things because our minds are a million different places at once. So these plastic instruments would be great just in terms of repairs to damages..

    Great post!

    1. Very good points Chris! There are not many musicians who own a brass instrument that will completely replace their instrument with a plastic instrument. I have a professional model Bach Stradivarius trumpet and would never give it up for any plastic instrument. But the pTrumpet and pBone certainly provides something to be excited about. It has many benefits including those mentioned regarding children. I cringe when I allow my daughter to handle my trumpet, not because she will intentionally harm it but because it is delicate and quite special to me.

      I believe these would be great for anyone who plays outside in cold weather. Any brass player knows how cold the instrument can get, making it difficult to hold. The mouthpiece can be pretty cool on the lips. I immediately thought of playing “The Last Post” outside on cold Remembrance Day morning. Waiting and breathing through the instrument to keep it warm. Plastic would make this just a little bit easier.

      Everyone will find their own reason for choosing a plastic instrument. The cost alone makes them available to folks who may not be able to pay the price for a metal instrument.

  2. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about Plastic Brass Instruments, so I learned a lot.
    You saved my day.

    1. Glad I can help. I was so excited to discover that the pTrumpet was now available that I just had to share. They are truly revolutionary instruments with many benefits to be discovered. I’m willing to bet I will be revisiting this topic once I become an owner or a fancy new pTrumpet.

    1. So glad I could help! I am just over the moon by this discovery! Please let me know if she likes it. I will be posting an update when I get ours. No doubt Mama will be playing a few notes too.

  3. I love it! I come from a musical family and my children are musical. They play drums, all types of guitars, bass, keyboards, cello, violin and clarinet. My oldest is on a quest to learn how to play every instrument and it is beginning to get expensive. Stumbling upon your site just made this mama very happy. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad you made it here. Purchasing musical instruments doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s just a matter of shopping around. Stay tuned! I will be discussing some ways to make the purchases less painful in the near future.

  4. You may want to check on the Tiger instruments as well. See

    They do trombones WITH quarter valve, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, euphonium, and even a bass tuba (BBb) in plastic. A french horn has been announced. I am a tuba and bass trombone player myself, and have bought the valved trombone. Like with the pBone: incredibly good sound, actually, and a good working quarter valve.!

    I believe they were introduced in the US recently, at some bandmasters convention or other.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for the tip. It is great that companies are beginning to introduce affordable instruments. Its breaks my heart when I see children unable to play music because the instruments are just too expensive.

  5. Didn’t see this coming. Super awesome. The sound is pretty impressive too for both instruments. Sounds almost the same thing as the others that are metals. Another thing that i find out is that the price is extremely affordable, compared to the original instruments that the cost can be easily some hundreds and even thousands of dollar. But here for less than $200, yo are on board to the world of music. Impressive, just bookmarked the post

    1. Thanks! You know I was extremely skeptical. I have been playing trumpet for 20 years and was blown away by the sound of these amazing instruments. Not only do they sound great but they make playing these types of instruments affordable for so many people!

      Thanks for your comment! I’m always on a hunt for unique inventions so check back often.

  6. First off I’d like to say thank you so much for writing this article. I’ve never heard of such a thing as a plastic trombone. I personally am a huge fan of the trombone and used to play it a lot when I was younger. Its been a few years since I stopped playing so I’m probably a bit rusty. What I ask of you witch one do you think would be better to get if I want to start up Trumpeting again. I would appreciate the help thank you for opening this new door to me.

    1. Well the beauty of these instruments is how light they are. If you played the trombone in the past I would suggest picking up where you left off, but if you really want to try out the trumpet you can do that too. There both fantastic instruments with great price tags. Since you already have the basics of a brass instrument I think you would be successful with both, but keep in mind you would need to learn the valve combinations for the trumpet (Not hard at all). I say pick the one you like the most.

      Thanks for your comment! Good luck with your choice. I would love to hear which you choose. :)

  7. What a cool idea! I’ve been playing since middle school and it’s great to see something like this to further promote music. I see this as a great tool for younger children as you mentioned with the durability and lightweight. I feel like you can’t go wrong with the price either. Very cool article and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these in the future with my now 2 year old!

    1. You are right! It is a very cool idea. I was just blown away by the sound quality of these instruments and they are so cute. You can even choose the color you want. I sure hope you do get your hands on one. I just can’t wait for my little lady to get hers for Christmas. I will definitely be taking it to a band rehearsal to try it out in an ensemble setting. Plastic Brass instruments. Who would have thought!

      Thanks for your interest!

  8. Hi!
    What an awesome idea!
    I remember my years in school and my best friend Karl. Karl was my best friend because he worked at the local music store and he would straighten out my horn bell about once every two weeks, lol
    I think they sound great and would love to check on out.
    Thanks, this is so cool!


    1. Your very Welcome Shawn! They are super cool and affordable. You just can’t go wrong. I thought they were too good to be true to be honest. But I have played one so they are real!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  9. This is absolutely amazing.When I initially started reading the article, the first thing that popped into mind was some cheap looking mass produced plastic toy more than a instrument.

    Just to have that thought and image completely thrown out of my mind. This was a excellent read and very educational. I could not believe the detail and quality of them.


    1. Hey those were my thoughts exactly. When I was first told about them I was like yeah whatever, but boy was I fooled! It helps that they are actually manufactured by an instrument manufacturer with the musician and quality in mind. Happy that you enjoyed the article.

      Thanks for stopping by Simon!

  10. I love this article! These instruments seem very cool and as a musician myself I would be interested in trying them out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you found them interesting. I sure hope that you get to try one and find them as fascinating as I do. I will be providing an update about our purchase as soon as we get it for Christmas so stay tuned.

      Thanks for stopping by Rachel!

  11. Thank you so much for this! I’m a musician with a young daughter as well and this is extremely helpful. I play the guitar, but my daughter wanted to play the trumpet (and the guitar, naturally) and I had the same concerns about her damaging the instrument and about finding one that was the right size. You are a life saver! Are these available in stores too?

    1. Hello Patrick and thank you for stopping by. Your daughter has very good taste in instruments (Coming from a proud trumpeter). I have seen these in the music stores where I live so I would say that they can be purchased in music stores around the world. I can’t speak for the price though. You would need to check that out. It may be helpful to see them in the store first and if the price is better online then buy online. I often try instruments out at the music store and then find them cheaper elsewhere. Regardless of where you get them the quality will still be the same.

      I would love to hear from you if you do get your hands on one!

  12. Hello,

    My god, I learned a lot of new stuff today…
    Now it are plastic instruments!
    I don’t know much about instruments, but I definitely can believe that they can produce some nice plastic things these days.
    But like you also said: there still has to be a difference with the real stuff…
    It is of course perfect if you want to test an instrument or for the kids or to have more then one, they don’t cost a fortune…
    I am glad to know this stuff and your article was very nice written!


    1. Thanks again Bert! These instruments taught me that not all things plastic are cheap. They have an abundance of purposes and the price really helps make them accessible. I think my little one is going to love hers. I just have to make myself wait until Christmas to give it to her. :)

  13. Great niche and great article. I also played trumpet (very poorly) in junior high school a half century ago and this would have been great for parades. I remember those hot days marching over two miles carrying your instruments. You have a great introduction, great information and your use of videos so we could hear the actual sound was over the top. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Jerry! Yes these instruments could be helpful for a number of reasons. Considering I am in Canada, I thought about them being beneficial when it is really cold but they would definitely be great for parades on hot days too. Could have used one this summer when I marched for my the second time in my life. :)

  14. Awesome article on Plastic Brass Instruments, I just never ever thought such instruments existed. We are a very musical family and although my children are grown up now, they would have loved something like this. Plastic just makes sense for little ones since they love to throw stuff around, and not only that, if they’re really showing an interest and the parent feels it might be a talent in the making, then at a later date they can have one like mummy’s or daddy’s.

    1. You read my mind! My daughter loves my trumpet but I just can’t bring myself to give it to her. It is my most prized possession and am afraid it wouldn’t be immediately replaced. For that reason she is getting a pTrumpet for Christmas this year. I am still trying to decide the color but I know she will love it.

      Thank Sharon for reading!

  15. Wow that is utterly amazing, as a musician myself, I would have loved having one of these as a toddler or lad, although in middle school I learned how to play the real trombone which was pretty cool, then it brought me to guitar!

    Now I’m a hip hop artist and do it full time, look me up sometime!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Thank you Matt! It is always great to hear from another musician. I also play the guitar but don’t expect to be releasing any recordings anytime soon. :) It is an awesome instrument. I am happy you got a chance to explore the trombone even if you didn’t continue.

      I will most definitely check out your music. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Ya I feel you.. these things are NUTS! I have never heard of these before. It definitely would have been fun to have one of these when I was a kid. But now I play guitar… I wonder if there is a plastic guitar :0 haha. So you are a hip hop artist, Matt. That’s cool, I’ll look you up. Maybe I can learn something from you.

      1. I can’t wait to get a pTrumpet for my daughter. I think everyone in the house will enjoy it. Even my husband who is not a musician. Not sure I would go for the plastic guitar but anything is possible these days. To another plastic gem check out my post about plastic brass mouthpieces. Thanks for the comment Billy!

  16. Great instrument! I have always envied trumpet and saxophone players. But i knew that these instruments were quiet pricey, especially if you wnted to buy a quality one. I used to play a specail exotic flute callede ney and i also started out with a plastic one. Maybe the sound is not 0 the same with a super expensive hand made instrument but it’s a great way to jumpstart with liimited funds. Thanks for introducing such a great alternative

    1. Thanks Tyler! I believe that we can all find a way to make music affordable regardless of the financial situation. These plastic brass instruments are just another example of how we can indeed do that. The advantages to these instruments are abundant and I hope they continue to be popular all around the world! I will continue to look for inexpensive options and share what I find. :)

  17. I love, love, love this page. This would be excellent for any student studying or needing to do an assignment. I learnt so much from this one page, that I was saying over to myself – “oh wow, really.”
    The close up of the child is great and the header image is perfect!. I felt like this was a fun page, as soon as I looked at it. There is a sense of playfulness even, with your four word title. But I think the words in the header would stand out a little more, if they were just a fraction larger. I know you probably don’t want to take away from the tones. It would look great sitting on top of the grey arched music lines.
    The amount of info you have just on this first page, is amazing. The links are so great, what isn’t on this site!!! And there is ample opportunity for interaction with comments and posts. I love the Apps too, that’s so great. You sound like you really know your ‘stuff’.
    The story of how the pBone came about is wonderful. Fancy plastic being successful and catching on, that’s just, wow! I love the link with kids, too. I also believe music is an extremely important interest for kids to learn, especially while they are young. Music feeds the soul, so best to feed them the good stuff while they are still young!
    It’s such a positive site, the info is enjoyable to read, it is also well written and you have seemingly endless navigation to more to with more great stuff.
    I can tell you have put a lot of work into this and it shows your passion for music and instruments. Wonderful site!
    Cheers! Jennifer

    1. Thank You Jennifer! I fell in love with these instruments. So much so that we now own a green pTrumpet which was purchased for my daughter for Christmas. The little girl in the picture in this post. I will be writing a new post really soon to demonstrate the sound of this instrument. I just need to pick the right piece of music to play first.

      I do indeed love music. I believe it has so much power in our lives and teaches us so many important lessons. Each and every person should have the opportunity to explore the benefits of playing music and listening to music.

      Thank you for stopping by!

      P.S. I also wish I could make the titles larger but sadly I haven’t mastered that part of website building just yet. Always a work progress with lots more great information to add.

  18. I love these plastic brass instruments. They will make such a great gift for my younger cousins since they are kid friendly instruments. Their birthday’s are coming up so I came across your website at the perfect time.

    They are 5 and 6 years old. Which is the cheapest place to buy these?

    1. These are fabulous instruments! I actually just recently purchased one for my daughter. She is still learning but I have a blast playing it.

      You can find a really great price by clicking here for the pTrumpet and here for the pBone.

      Hope they enjoy it as much as we do!

  19. SAY WHAT?! When I was in middle school I played trumpet. I have since moved through tuba, oboe, clarinet, and have now settled on composing. LOL.

    But, I saw this post and literally yelled at my computer: SAY WHAT?! Naah, this can’t be right. But, I am impressed with what I have heard in the samples. I will definitely be sharing this post with my musician friends.

    Thanks for this review!

    1. Thanks Kevin!!! I have since purchased the trumpet and will be eventually updating with our experience thus far, what fellow musicians have had to say and a sound sample of me playing it. I’m being rather picky as to what I want to play at moment hehe.

      Its always great to hear from other musicians. I think it is a fabulous choice for children as it is so very light. It is great that I can actually work with my daughter without having to hold the bell up (I own a bach strat. which is extremely heavy for a 4 year old).

      Thanks for sharing my post! Come back often!

  20. I was lucky enough to be sent a pTrumpet to review a few months ago. Here’s my blog post on my first impressions:
    Since then, I’ve used my pTrumpet with a 2-yr-old and 4-yr-old who wanted to play my trumpet. I was amazed at the sound the 2-yr-old managed to produce (as was he! ). Seeing your post has reminded me that I need to post an update on my pTrumpet experience.

    1. Hey Hattie thanks for reading! I was also amazed by these instruments. I was pretty skeptical about the idea of all plastic but it really is a great instrument. The manufacturers are also very supportive of young musicians. They also showed me great thanks for writing my review as I received a couple extra mouthpieces and a mouthpiece pouch for my daughters stocking. I see no reason not to support these folks. They certainly have support for the arts and take price in what they are doing.

      I will also be updating in the near future. :)

  21. Hi Melody. Your site is great and informative. I play guitar but in high school I played the trumpet and what caught my attention, was the pBone and the pTrumpet. I think they are really a great idea. My question to you is – Do you know if there is a pSax? I’ve always wanted to learn the alto saxophone, or any type for that matter, so why not a pSax, if there is one. The pBone and pTrumpet sounded awesome, for plastic instruments. I think it wound be unique to own a pSax because it would be less expensive and lighter as well as one heck of a conversation piece.


    1. Hey it would be great to see a plastic saxophone. I have not actually seen one but I am sure there is someone out there who has thought about making one. It might even already exist. I would think all plastic woodwinds would be difficult to create due to the number of small moving parts, but I am sure it is possible. If I do find a plastic saxophone I will be sure to write about it! Check back often to see what I find!

      Thanks for stopping by. In the meantime if you want to read a little more about the pTrumpet, check out my most recent review, A pTrumpet Review: Plastic Brass Instruments Revisited!

  22. Hey! As a fellow music lover, I am very surprised to learn that there are plastic brass instruments, haha! With that said, I am loving the site so far. I believe that music and playing an instrument is a skill that everyone should learn. It teaches us concepts such as perseverance and patience, which extend beyond the musical world. I found the pBone and the pTrumpet very interesting reads. Thanks! :)

  23. I first noticed plastic trumpets (purples ones too) when I browsed around the local music shop in my town just to have a quick nosey really.

    At first I thought they seemed a bit strange but the prices seemed to be cheaper compared to real brass instruments.

    I see there are a lot of pros to using plastic instruments and I’m quite surprised they also sound good. It would be funny to see plastic drum kits and guitars too.


    1. Haha, I’m not sure that plastic drums could take the beating (hehe) but you just never know what they will come up with next. In my opinion if it allows people with smaller budgets to get a start then why not. Even if they don’t totally measure up to the traditional models. I would think it is better to have access to something then to have to walk away due to financial restraints.

      Thanks Neil for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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